Technical Capability
 LCD & LCM  Type  Mono TN, STN, FSTN, Color STN, TFT
 Mother Glass  370 x 400mm and under
 Thickness  0.4, 0.55, 0.7, 1.1mm
 Pixel Pitch  Minimum 10um
 Display Mode  Positive and negative
 Optic Mode  Reflective, transflective, transmissive
 Color Mode  Yellow green, green, gray, black & white, blue
 Package Technology  SMT, COB, TAB, COG, COF
 Connection  Zebra, pin, heat seal, FFC, FPC
 Backlight  LED, EL, CCFL
 TFT  Screen Size (diagonal)  1.8" - 20"
 Brightness  Up to 1,500 nits
 Option  Driving board, inverter, touch screen

Value Added Capability

                Pin headers, connectors and cables
                Controller board, inverter, touch screen
                Open frame, monitor

Production Capacity
 Type  Production Capacity
 LCD  370 x 400 Mother Glass  150K sheets/month
 LCM  COG  4M pcs/month
 TAB  1.1M pcs/month
 COB  1M pcs/month
 COF  2.4M pcs/month
 SMT  144K pcs/month
 TFT  680 x 880 Mother Glass  15K sheets/month
 Driving board  50K pcs/month




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