BeyondTek, Integrated Smart LCD Display Modules combine the TFT Display Panel, Touch Screen, Intelligent Controller into one “Smart Display” Unit.  This Smart Display provides integrators and engineers with an easy and cost effective way to add interactive display feature into their product. Application engineer can focus on the application and be relived from cumbersome GUI base element development.

A smart display acts as a "smart terminal" and is generally connected to a "host" processor that implements the desired Graphical User Interface (GUI). The host can be any kind of processor from an eight bit microcontroller to a PC. The host issues commands to the smart controller and receives responses (to the commands), and events like button press, from the Smart Display.

Major Hardware Features:
● High speed and integrated mix signal SoC with MIPS embedded, 300MHZ
● 64Mbit SDRAM, 166MHZ
● 4 GB on board flash (Upgradable to 8 GB)
● 18-Bit RGB interface, Up to 800*600 Resolution
● USB 2.0 interface for image, firmware upgrade and macro storage
● Touch Screen options: capacitive or 4 wire resistive touch screen, controller
● RS232 and PC interfaces up to 115,200 baud
● Beeper for touch feedback and alarms
● Adjustable LCD back light control
● Wide range DC voltage input from 5V to 40V
● Multiple power inputs: inline or external
● Support dual channel audio speakers.
● On board LED
● ROHS Compliant

Major Software Features:
● ASCII based commands and responses/events
● Variable length of commands and responses/events
● MACRO with parameters
● Support video clip
● Easy firmware upgrade
● Rich commands/events set to support interactive GUI development.

BeyondTek Smart LCD Series currently support 7” LCD.
10.4”, 4.3”, 5.7” and 3.5” coming soon.

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