BeyondTek BTC-204543B-WT0SLW-KP-LED 20X4 characters display module combines the LCD display, keypad and LED indicators into one “Intelligent” Unit. It provides application integrators and engineers with an easy and fast way to add display feature into their product.

Main features:
● 20x4 LCD has a large display area in a compact size: fits in a 1U rack mount case (37 mm overall height).
● USB interface.
● Integrated LED backlight 6-button translucent silicone keypad.
● White edge LED backlight with FSTN positive mode LCD (displays dark characters on light background).
● White LED backlight keypad.
● Four bicolor (red + green) LED Indicators. The LEDs’ brightness can be set by the host software, which allows smoothly mixing the LEDs to produce other colors (for example, yellow and orange).
● LCD characters are contiguous in both X and Y directions to allow the host software to display “gapless” bar graphs in horizontal or vertical directions.
● Fully decoded keypad: any key combination is valid and unique.
● Built-in reprogrammable microcontroller (factory operation).
● Nonvolatile memory capability (EEPROM):
● Customize the “power-on” display settings.
● 16-byte “scratch” register for storing IP address, netmask, system serial number . . .
● Powerful and rich commands.
● Optional Linux device driver support.

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