BeyondTek not only supplies standard character and graphic modules, but can also provide custom monochrome LCDs based on different applications and special requirements. From segment LCD panels to character or graphic modules; from TN, STN to FSTN or FFSTN LCD mode; from COB to COG or TAB LCD bonding technology; from normal temperature (0°C-+60°C), to wide temperature (-20°C -+70°C) to extend temperatures (-30°C - +85°C); from yellow green LED backlight; green backlight to white, blue or red backlight (one color, duel colors or tri-colors); customer can choose LCD connectors from zebra, hard pin, bezel to heat seal or FPC;  customer can also choose parallel or serial interface on a custom LCD.  BeyondTek and our factory’s engineering team can always help customers design the right LCD with best performance and most cost effectiveness.

BeyondTek cannot custom TFT panel itself. However, for some models, we are able to make some modifications. i.e. change a regular brightness LCD to a sunlight readable LCD by adding or change LED backlight; change a TTL interface LCD to a LVDS interface LCD. Or change a LCD from AV input to a MCU input…

If you have any LCD needs, please feel free to fill out one of the forms below and submit to us.  You can also contact BeyondTek or our sales rep in your region.


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