In addition to a wide range of LCD products BeyondTek offers, we also supply various LCD related accessories, value added services and/or total solution products to help customers speed up and simplify the LCD design at their end as well as save costs.

BeyondTek can supply the following:
       -Soldering pins or cables or connecting wires
       -PCB - LCD controller board, OSD board, interface board, LED driver, touch controller; TTL to LVDS converting board
       -Touch screen:  4-wire resistive, 5-wire resistive or capacitive 
       - LCD Mounting: metal Plate, open frame or monitor
       -Smart LCD:  20x4 LCD with USB interface and Linux operating system 
                                 7” TFT smart LCD with internal memory and USB interface 
                                 ** detail of our smart LCDs please refer to the new products on home page **

       -Software development

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